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Howdy Odd Dog Blog readers! We have another fun-filled week of industry updates for you.
Here’s the TL : DR version; You will soon get notified if someone asks a question on your businesses GMB page, Instagram is testing some stuff, Google added some cool features for booking travel, and everyone useing Ahrefs will notice that their Domain Ranking is now in the toilet. (no, not really…)




Google Ads Q&A Notification option to GMB

This is HUGE! Finally, GMB page owners will be able to receive notifications when someone has a question about their business. Mike Blumenthal has tested this feature and at this time has not received notifications. So this option may still be in testing, but we are so excited about its potential release. Right now, it looks like the notification is checked by default. To check your listing, go to your GMB dashboard, and settings.

GMB Q&A notification setting




Instagram tests it’s Version of the retweet through Stories.

Instagram may soon allow any public post from your Instagram account to be shared through their Stories feature. 

“According to TechCrunch, people can share someone else’s public post appearing in their main feed to their own Story by tapping on the existing share button that’s used to privately share the post with friends through Instagram’s direct messaging feature. 

This will be an interesting feature to watch closely. At least during testing, users were not notified if their post was shared and would only see additional impressions if users clicked back to the original post. 


Instagram tests Facebooks stoppable collection ads

More from Instagram’s test kitchen this week, they are currently working on an ad feature that will allow advertisers to showcase their catalog with product videos that play above a carousel of product images.




Google adds new features & improves navigation for mobile hotel & flight searches 

Great news for travelers! Now when you search for flights from your mobile device, Google will also serve up hotel results for you matching your flight query.



AdWords Express now lets you rate the quality of calls 

Google will now allow you to give feedback on any potential leads that come through your AdWords campaigns. If a call is missed or dropped, Google will help you retrieve that potentially lost lead by sending you a push notification so you have the opportunity to call the customer right back.

adwords call feedback notification




New Ahref’s DR: Everything you need to know

Or as we like to call it, the “What the heck happened to my domain ranking?!” update.

Ahrefs just released a major updated which shook the SEO community who is currently using their platform. Many websites dropped to zero DR, which was shocking!
As Ahrefs explains it,“.. the vast majority of sites that currently have DR 30–50 will drop to nothing (because, in fact, they don’t deserve to have the “medium” DR that they currently have).
As an SEO company that uses Ahrefs on a regular basis, it shook us a bit too. But really it just made us reassess our metrics and put our focus on the numbers that really matter.
If you are a local business with a website with a DR of 10 and are being outranked by a website with a DR of 0, it goes to show that there is so much more than your DR that decides your ranking.
Things like backlinks, especially LOCAL backlinks from local businesses, reviews, on-site optimization all play a huge role in your search engine ranking. 


If you have any questions about your websites ranking or Domain Authority, give us a call!