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Welcome to this week’s digital marketing industry roundup!
As always, there is news to be read. Industry trends to watch, and new Google guidelines to make note of.
And a picture of this puppy….
We’re nothing if not shameless dog people…


• Google may issue manual actions over job schema on expired job listings.
If you post jobs on your website often and use schema markup, you will now need to make sure to remove those listings when they have been filled or you may face a manual penalty.
Google confirms rolling out a broad core search algorithm update earlier this week
If you’ve noticed a change in your rankings this last week, you were not alone. A Google update was confirmed to be released on Monday last week. These types of updates are rolled out regularly, and Google can sometimes be a little vague on what exactly they are updating, they did explain, that “pages that were previously under-rewarded would see a benefit from these core updates”.


• Study shows the real cost of bad local data: loss of trust, revenue 
A recent consumer survey performed by BrightLocal shows how impactful having bad or incorrect/ incomplete information about your business online can really be. Really interesting study.
Review-gating is now against the Google My Business guidelines 
What is review-gating you ask? Review-gating is the act of trying to elicit only positive reviews and detracting the negative ones. In Google’s words,
“Don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.”


• Channel diversity in Local Search – Looking Beyond Google. 
We report a LOT on Google as it is still the major player in search bringing all of our clients the most traffic. But, to ignore other search engines completely would be a mistake.
Privacy updates galore!
You may have noticed your email box flooding with privacy updates from just about every service you use. Because of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will come into effect on May 25th. This measure, which was passed in 2016, was implemented to help EU citizens have more control over their private information that gets shared. Because many companies are world-wide, they are required to comply. 


• Facebook premieres video format that will let publishers post a prerecorded video as live footage
This is an interesting development from Facebook. This new feature of prerecorded live videos is still in testing, but if launched, it will allow prerecorded videos to be played interactively with the audience being able to comment and engage the same way we currently can with live.
I’m curious to see how content developers will use this. It may be a way to create better quality videos and be able to engage with your following at the same time. But it also feels a little like cheating….