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Happy Cyber Monday!
Did you partake in any Black Friday deals this year? What about Small Business Saturday?
Sometimes Cyber Monday is worth taking a gander at, especially on some of those bigger items – like TV’s that tend to go on big sales this time of year. Grab em now folks!
Or not. You do you…
Moving on.


• Announcing the 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey 
Who doesn’t love a grid survey?! Especially when it comes to local ranking factors?
It was no surprise that Google My Business made a big impact in 2018’s rankings.
Mom offered this to-do list, which we have been shouting from the rooftops all year as well:
  1. Start using Google posts NOW. At least once per week, but preferably a few times per week. Are you already pushing out posts to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Just use the same, lightly edited, content on Google Posts. Also, use calls to action in your posts to drive direct conversions.
  2. Seed the Google Q&A with your own questions and answers. Feed that hyper-relevant, semantically rich content to Google. Relevance FTW.
  3. Regularly upload photos and videos. (Did you know that you can upload videos to GMB now?)
  4. Make sure your profile is 100% complete. If there is an empty field in GMB, fill it. If you haven’t logged into your GMB account in a while, you might be surprised to see all the new data points you can add to your listing.
For more information about Google My Business and how to set up and optimize your profile, see our Ultimate Guide to Google My Business.
Questions about your Google My Business listing?
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Google Local Search Study Business on first page have an average 4.4 star rating 
Oh boy! A survey AND a study about local search this week?! What, is it Christmas already?!
So the big factors that we have really been drilling in this past year have been Google My Business and Reviews.
Turns out, we were right.
google my business pat on back


• Google really launches zero results for time, conversions, and math
Google has tested this in the past, and it looks like they are rolling out zero results again. So far, there are reports of it appearing on mobile for some queries. We’re still not seeing it… are you?
Have a great week Odd Dog Blog readers.
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