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Welcome to our weekly roundup of all things we found relevant this week.
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NEW: Facebook value based lookalike audiences 
Facebook released a new way to target potential customers by adding a “lifetime value” component. This is a great new feature that will not only help target your customers but the customers that are more likely to spend money on your product.
LinkedIn launches autoplay mobile video ads
If you are a B2B business, this may be an interesting avenue to play with. LinkedIn ads have been on the upswing, and more and more businesses are seeing success with them.
Snapchat and NBCUniversal Are Creating a Digital Content Studio for Scripted Shows
It’s happening! There have been rumors for some time that Snapchat may be creating it’s own shows, and now partnering with NBC, it looks like it’s happening.
Would you watch a “TV” show on Snapchat?


Bing Ads launches automated bid strategy to ‘Maximize Clicks’
If you use  Bing Ads, this is great news! This new feature will help advertisers stay within ad spend and really maximize money for the most about of clicks.


Time for a refresh: meet the new Google Calendar for web
If you are tied to your Google Calendar as much as we are, you are just as excited for the new update. I’m going to file this under, “It’s about time!” category.
You can now search available conference rooms and see other coworkers calendars side by side. Not to mention the new calendars are just more pleasing to the eye, I’d say it’s big win!
google calendar update
Google is now offering a mother way to see how users are interacting with your website. Using the scroll tracking plugin, you will now be able to see both vertical and horizontal actions that users take on your website right within Google Analytics.

Did we miss anything this week? Let us know!