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In such a fast-paced industry, we find it paramount that we keep a close eye on new trends, updates, and features being released in the digital marketing world.
We constantly share relevant articles within our office, have a list of blogs we read and podcasts we listen to.
Since this is all information we find relevant and important, we thought, “Hey, maybe our readers might find this information as valuable as we do!”
Welcome to our new feature, the Odd Dog Media weekly round up!
We’ll be sharing the most relevant updates that we’ve found over the past week. Follow the links for the full posts, or just read the bite-sized highlights here.
Think of this as your weekly cheat sheet for digital marketing updates.


Talk about a crossover week-
Facebook going after LinkedIn and LinkedIn going after Snapchat!
Facebook partners with ZipRecruiter and more aggregators as it ramps up in jobs
Facebook launched jobs earlier this year and is now going after a larger market share by partnering with ZipRecruiter.
LinkedIn’s Adding Snapchat-Like Geofilters for Conferences and Events
LinkedIn recently released native videos and is now adding overlays that will display locations or events, like conferences, on the videos.
It’s not a bad move for LinkedIn.
“According to Peter Roybal, LinkedIn’s product manager for video, video content is shared 20x more than any other type of content on the platform.”
Unlike Snapchat, where videos disappear and cannot be shared, adding popular Geofilters to videos that are already shared so easily could really take off.
Speaking of Snapchat…
Really interesting new data about major influencers and their Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories usage.


Google now has 50M Local Guides adding content to Google Maps and Search
Have you been noticing more orange stars next to names leaving Google Reviews? I have…
So many Google Local Guides!
Some benefits that have come from Google focusing on growing the Local Guide program:
– more than 700K new locations are being added monthly
– information is becoming more accurate with guides reporting incorrect information
– guides are also playing a part in answering questions asked through the new GMB Q&A feature
Markets with home service ads: Service-area businesses are coming back to the local results
There’s good news and there’s bad news in the local service-area business space. The good news is that we may see service area business back in the local search pack that had previously dropped off. The bad news is that some of the spam that we’ve been fighting may sneak back in. This will be one that we will be watching closely for sure.
Google releases My Business API V 4.0 with ability to add posts
3rd party platforms can now push posts out to Google My Business pages.  Google has been working hard on GMB integrations and this release is a big one for agencies who want to push out posts to several locations through an API.

Currently, GMB managers are not notified when edits are suggested their page. It’s important to stay on top of your GMB page by logging into your dashboard at least once a week to check for any edits that may have been suggested.


New AdWords Experience is now Available to everyone
If you haven’t logged into your AdWords account in awhile, you may be surprised at the new look. Pages are loading faster and managing campaigns got a bit easier. Check out your account and take their walkthrough to learn the new navigation.
Listen to MozPod, the Free SEO Podcast from Moz
Moz just came out with a podcast this month!

As Moz is one of our favorite blogs to follow, we’re really excited to see this podcast be introduced. Hello, new commute listening!

Did we miss any big news from last week? Share it below!