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Yup, you read that right. The wolf pack is about to get bigger!
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Office Manager – Marketing Assistant 
This is an incredible entry -level position that will help anyone looking to grow in this industry.
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OK, on to this week’s updates!
There’s not a lot of  new updates this week, but definitely a few articles of note:
What percentage of verified businesses use Google Posts?
Mike Blumenthal summed this up nicely:
TLDR: ~7% of businesses worldwide that have verified their business listing are using Google Posts and roughly 26% of verified business in the US were doing so.
Now, this being said, we haven’t seen Google Posts really dive traffic or engagements in any real way, YET. But, it’s a free and underutilized tool that Local Businesses can test and see what may work for them. If you haven’t yet, try creating a GMB post now!
 How to localize content like a pro – And get more conversions 
Yes, it is true that content still reigns king, but if you’re a local business, having specifically local content is really important. BrightLocal breaks down some ways to create some epic local continue to help your business really stand out.
Google Maps will now suggest a parking spot when you’re close to your destination. 
Raise your hand if you hate looking for parking…
Yeah, me too. As someone who uses Google Maps regularly for directions, I for one am really excited about the new find parking feature!
Would you use it?
• Report: Digital now makes up 51% of US ad spending
Digital is a leading way to advertise, we knew that. But now it’s officially taken over the dollars spent on TV ads, both local and national, as well as radio spend.
• Quora introduces Broad Targeting, says audience hits 300 million monthly users
Speaking of digital ads – have you ever used Quora? The internets question board.
Quora has been growing rapidly over the last year and is now allowing broad targeting for its advertising platform.