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Happy Monday!

Aren’t Monday’s of a short week just the best?!
Thanksgiving is this week. Have you updated your business hours on your Google My Business page yet?

If not, go do that… NOW. We’ll wait…

All set? OK, good, now we can continue.
This time of year can either be really slow for your business or make or break your entire year. Which category does your business fall into?


• New Google My Business App Launched
Google is working on rolling out a new GMB app for business owners to better manage their listings on the go. Add photos, posts, and respond to reviews from a mobile device – life is about to get so much easier!
• How to unlock the power of Google My Business search queries 
If you’ve logged in to the backend of your Google My Business page recently, you may have noticed the new feature in your insights: Search Queries.
While this feature is available in your search console for your website, it’s also nice to see it broken out just for your Google My Business results.
Related: Google My Business Insights to get more recent data


• Yelp’s heyday is over
Yelp’s stock took a dive last week as advertisers are pulling out of the famous review platform. With many users going to Google My Business or industry-specific review sites like Trip Advisor and Top9Rated
So where does that leave Yelp now? 
• What should a service area business be focusing on in search? 
If your business doesn’t have a physical location where you serve clients at, you own a service area business.
Google recently updated how they list service area businesses’ address. Instead of having to choose a search radius, you can now select specific areas you serve, even if your businesses location isn’t located there. So now what? This post helps to go over some great next steps.
Guidelines for the top local review sites: Rules from Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more explained. 
We don’t think that we can talk about reviews enough here at Odd Dog.
But what are the guidelines for each site?
This great post from BrightLocal breaks down the top sites and promises to keep this page up-to-date. Bookmark it for updates!


• Google to let users leave comments on search results 
From Google, “You can leave comments on things you’ve searched for on Google, like a sports game. You can also read and rate comments left by others.”
Now, WHY anyone would want to do this is still beyond me.
Currently, this is only available for live sports games, and many articles have been written that this feature will be rolling out for other searches as well. Some posts are saying that it will only be for sports.
Re-reading Google’s vague description, I can understand the confusion.