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I hope everyone had a wonderful long holiday weekend!
We are back in the saddle after spending some quality time with food family.

Big things are going on this week as we move full-force into the holiday season,  but first:


In three weeks the FCC is going to vote on whether to overturn the net neutrality regulations.
This will impact EVERYONE, and it’s not good. (unless you are Comcast, then it’s just fan-frickin’-tastic)
It’s not looking good with a majority of the board leaning towards the overturn, however, there is still time.
Learn more and take action by calling Congress here
See why net neutrality matters here:

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Study Shows Big Drop in Consumers Visiting Websites after Reading Reviews
Reviews are just one piece of the digital pie (sorry, still on Thanksgiving brain) that impacts a local business’s rankings. Bright Local just released this study showing that consumers may be less likely to visit a companies website after reading positive reviews compared to 2016, however they may be more likely to visit that companies business in person. Are websites becoming less relevant to build trust? Interesting read for sure.
bright local review study


Where to Go Next With Your Google Local Listing
With all of the recent releases from Google Local, what do you do now? This post has a great break down of how to look at your Google Local listing and how to make sure its working for you.
See also: Big Changes in Google Local. Is Your Business Ready? 
Google beefs up mobile shopping results for the holidays, adds more product info & buying guide
Google releases more updates to prepare for the season of spending. New results allow searchers to find related information like specs, price comparisons, and reviews.
google mobile shopping
What Holiday Shoppers are Searching for on Google
A really interesting study from Google on search trends form shoppers this time of year. Consumers are doing more research and branded searches are up. Google provides some tips on best ways to reach holiday shoppers via search and AdWords.