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Well, the big news today is that net neutrality regulations end in the US.  What does this mean?  Now, internet providers can decide if they want to block certain websites from their users or charge an additional fee or subscription for their users to get access. Still want to stream Netflix? “Oh, that will be an additional $10/ month”. Data providers can also now throttle, or slow down, websites that don’t pay them a premium for fast delivery. 

Time will tell what will happen, and it may still be months before we see any changes, however, the power that these companies now have, that we were protected from under net neutrality is staggering and quite scary. 

So, now what? Some states are attempting to pass the own legislation, including Washington State, that will uphold much of what net neutrality did. Whether these legislations will hold up federally is still up for debate.  There is also a motion in Congress that would force the Republican majority in the House to bring up a vote on the floor to rescind the Pai order and reinstate the 2015 rules.

On to more updates!


Google Posts adds products and offers
Google is expanding on the Post types for GMB pages. Businesses can now add products and offers.
Offer post will contain a CTA “Claim Offer” and the option to add a coupon code or a link to the offer.
Product post will allow the business owner to showcase their products. These posts will still expire after seven days.
For a deeper dive into Google My Business, pages see our Ultimate Guide for Google My Business Pages for 2018.


A new look for Google sign-in screen on June 14th
A purely cosmetic update, but you may notice the change next time you log into your Gmail account.
Google axes political ads in Washington State, LinkedIn does it globally
Bing already does not allow ads with political or religious intent, and it looks like Google may be following suit. In Washington State, a new law mandating political ad disclosure made it the first state for Google to remove political campaign ads from.


The big list of political ad policies fro leading social & search platforms 
If you ARE running political ads this year, Marketing Land put together this handy list of the most up-to-date policies for each platform.
Facebook says privacy setting for 14M users were switched to public due to bug. 
Come on, Facebook. Can’t you stay out of the news for violating your own privacy policies for at least a week?!