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As 2017 draws to a close, we’re able to take a look back at trends. What worked? What didn’t? How will 2018 be different?
We saw some major changes in local search as well as social this year.
Read on to see this weeks news we found relevant and a few of the 2017 roundups!
• Facebook now requires domain verification for link previews. 
As of December 18th, website owners will need to verify their website in order for image previews to appear in the Facebook newsfeed.
This also means that if you share a link from another website, you will not be able to change how the preview appears when you publish it.
The most shared content on Facebook in 2017 
Who doesn’t love a good year-end roundup?
Check out the most shared content for this year. No surprise, they are mostly videos.

• Google Rolls Out Search Results to Local Knowledge Panels
Google started testing this feature in October and now appears to be more widely released.
Relevant search results are now appearing under the main information of businesses in the knowledge panel.

• Bing announces AI-powered new ‘intelligent search’ features
At a recent AI event, Microsoft walked through how AI and machine learning are now supporting several of their products including Windows and Bing.
92 changes that happened in 2017 in Local SEO
We already know it’s been a bit year for local search. Here’s a list of the major changes we saw this year. 35 updates in Google Local alone!