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Happy Monday and observed Veteran’s Day!
Today we are honoring our veterans past.
We loved this post that Search Engine Journal published, 9 Military Veterans who now serve the SEO community. Not only do they highlight veterans who are now in the SEO game, but they also highlight why some vets are a perfect fit for SEO work. Like having great problem-solving skills, integrity, and being service focused are all great skills for a successful SEO.
It’s a great Monday read. Check it out.


• Poll Results: Did the mobile-first index affect local businesses? 
When mobile-first indexing was first announced in 2016, businesses made sure that their mobile sites were up to the task. Fast-loading and mobile-ready.
While mobile was already stressed thanks to Mobilegeddon of 2015,  this update put an even greater importance on mobile-ready websites.
So how did the mobile-first update impact local businesses?
BrightLocal ran a poll with some interesting responses.
22% have seen improved rankings since the mobile-first index rollout, while 14% have seen drops
See the full post here.


• Google My Business shakes up service-area businesses: What has changed and what to do. 
We shared last week about the big service area business update on Google My Business. This post from Local Visibility System does a great job breaking it down further. If you have a service are business, you have to pay attention to this update.

GMB service area businesses


36 marketing agencies share lessons learned from bad client experiences 
It is super rare that we have any “bad” clients, but honestly, they are such a great way to learn some valuable lessons. Are we clear with our communications? Do our contracts outline realistic expectations? Odd Dog’s Kimberly shares her lesson and there are a few other gems in there.
What can your business learn from bad customer experiences? Or what has it learned?