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Happy Monday!
Who’s excited to get this week started?!
I admit it helps that it’s Seahawks Monday Night Footbaaaalllll!!!
OK, moving on…
From this past week, here is what we’re paying close attention to:


• Google responsive display ads roll out as new default display format 
Soon, advertisers will be able to upload all of their assets, and Google’s algorithm will create ads on the fly based on the best performance.
Google debuts shoppable image ads, video in shopping showcase ads. 
Another update from Google Ads this week.
Just in time for the holiday season, Google announced shoppable image ads as well as new video allowed in showcase ads on search.
How to navigate the change from Google AdWords to Google Ads
We’re still training ourselves to say “Google Ads” vs “Google AdWords”. Along with the new branding, there are also some platform changes we’re getting used to. This post breaks down all of the changes to expect, including how PPC is moving away from keyword targeting and more towards audience targeting.
Great podcast included!
• 3 tips for managing Local Service Ads
This post is a perfect compliment to our own 2018 Guide to Local Service Ads. Joy Hawkins goes over the top 3 tips for managing your Local Service Ads.
google ads


• Facebook’s Canvas is now called Instant Experience and has more capabilities to help businesses with different objectives 
Facebook is expanding on their Canvas experience allowing advertisers to create a full-screen experience with more objectives than were offered before.


• The power of healthcare reviews
Unless you’re new here, you know that we are big fans of online reputation management as well as collecting reviews from your biggest fans.
Healthcare reviews are no exception. Because of patient confidentiality and HIPPA compliance, considerations reviews in the healthcare industry are a bit different, but no less important.