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The Super Bowl Edition!

No, not really. However, as marketers, we’re always excited to see how the big guns are marketing their products and services during the Super Bowl.

Some clear standouts were Stranger Thing’s David Harbor’s Tide commercials and Chris Prat’s extra work for Michelob. ( Of course, we in Seattle are a bit biased because we LOVE our hometown boy Chris Pratt… )

Did you have any favorites this year? But really, it’s of course subjective. Even Google and Bing can’t agree.

• Who Won the Super Bowl Ads? Google and Bing’s Search Results are Quite Different. 




Community Corner: Spotlight on Search Engine Land Award Winners Odd Dog Media & SapientRazorfish

Oh, hey… THAT’S US!

David and Adam pick up our well-earned Search Engine Land Award.

See Adams’ interview with Search Engine Land and how the award for Best Local Search Marketing Initiative has impacted our agency.




• Google adds new SEO Audit category to Chrome’s Lighthouse extension
If you’re a search marketer or just obsessed with Chrome extensions like I am (see also 9 Google Chrome Extensions That Will Rock Your World), you are going to be very excited about this update!
The new update will allow you to check:

  • Descriptive anchor text.
  • Titles, description.
  • If the page can be crawled by Google.
  • HTTP status code.
  • Valid hreflang and rel=canonical tags.
  • UX — legible font sizes, plugins.
  • … and makes recommendations for additional reports.



• 9 Predictions for SEO in 2018

Check out Rand’s predictions for 2018 (and how he did for 2017)  Some great ones in there, including how Alexa is going to be eating up a lot of Google’s market share.


Instagram releases Type-Mode in stories 

The photo-only platform is now adding a way to include text only as part of your Instagram story. Seems counter-intuitive, but I secretly LOVE it! Thoughts?

And perhaps the biggest thing to come from Instagram for Business…


Until now, Instagram didn’t allow publishing posts from third parties. Which meant, that if you wanted your posts to go out at a certain time, you would have to create the drafts, then you would receive an alert for when you had to physically publish the post from your mobile device. I know, barbaric!

This is a HUGE update not only for business accounts but for agencies who would like to have the ability to post on behalf of their clients. You still have to use one of their partners, such as HootSuite, to post, but holy pickles is this AWESOME NEWS!

See Instagrams’s full announcement here.