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Howdy Odd Dog Blog readers!
How’s September treating you so far? As per usual, there is so much going on in the digital marketing world. As a local business owner, we understand that sometimes it can be challenging to know where to put your time and effort.
These weekly round-ups are a great place to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening and what you need to know.
Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Don’t hesitate to let us know!
Now, onward to this week’s updates!


• How did the GMB search insights update impact my business? 
This update seems to have impacted multi-location businesses insights the most. Google is now showing more branded searches as part of the overall insights in the GMB dashboard.
• How negative reviews impact SEO
We all know the importance of online reviews. But just how bad are negative reviews for your SEO?
Search Engine Journal shares this great post on the overall impact that a negative review can have on your business. In short… Don’t Panic!
negative reviews on SEO
Want to guess how many local businesses use Google My Business posts?
TLDR: Too few!
We are always encouraging clients to utilize Google My Business in every way that they can.
Posts are one feature that too few businesses are utilizing. Creating offers, linking to blog posts, promoting events are all different ways you can use this feature.
With so few businesses taking advantage, it’s really a golden opportunity for many others!


• The new search console is graduating out of Beta
It looks like the testing is over and Google is officially rolling out the new search console. More data and alerting are just a few components that will be included with the new release. Google announced the new tool in January and has since been making updates based on user feedback.