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Welcome back Odd Dog Blog readers!
More Google news this week including a new call to action in Google My Business posts, as well as the addition of GrubHub and DoorDash right in the knowledge panel of participating restaurants.
We’re also very excited about Google Analytics new cross-device tracking that will be rolling out! It’s not available on all accounts yet, but we can’t wait to see this new feature in action!
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• Google adds call buttons to posts 
A new call to action has been added to Posts in Google My Business. The default number will be your primary phone number associated with your business page.
These post can be a great way to promote a strong call to action right from within the Knowledge Panel.
 Google adds GrubHub and DoorDash to Knowledge Panel 
Now you can see what restaurants provide delivery through a third party service like GrubHub from within the knowledge panel.
Google is slowly rolling out this new feature, and it is uncertain whether more services like Eat24 or UberEats will also be added down the road.


• Better understand and reach your customers with new cross-device capabilities in Google Analytics
From Google, “Cross Device reporting in Analytics takes into account people who visit your website multiple times from different devices. Now, instead of seeing metrics in Analytics that show two separate sessions (e.g., one on desktop and the other on mobile), you’ll be able to see when users visited your website from two different devices.”  
This could be HUGE for marketers to help us better understand our customer’s journey. 
Cross-device tracking doesn’t appear to be available on every account yet, so stay tuned!