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Please enjoy this special Monday weekly round-up on a … whaaaa?? Wednesday? How could you do that?!
Well, the long weekend for one, and two, we do what we want.
Welp, even though we didn’t have our post go up on Monday, that doesn’t mean that the news stopped.

Shall we continue? Ok then.


• Google stops counting anonymous reviews?
It appears that Google has stopped counting reviews from unregistered users.
Have you seen your review count drop recently? This could be why.
Samsung Galaxy implementing new map function, Hiya, to overtake Google Maps
Galaxy users may have noticed in a recent update that they will have better ways to detect spam callers as well as a new “Local Search” feature called “Places” that can be searched right from the phone’s home tab.
Do you own a Samsung Galaxy and have you seen this feature?
Google Maps is testing interface with categories of local search suggestions 
New Google Maps interface shows category selections on Android.


• What Google’s GDRP compliance efforts mean for your data: Two urgent actions
The GDRP compliance went into effect on May 25th. Not only to EU companies need to be compliant, but so do any business that may have contact information on any EU resident. Can you honestly say that you don’t have any EU clients or customers?
While Google conforms to the new laws, see how their changes may have major impacts for your business, including deleting data in your Google Analytics.
• Google AdWords new responsive search ads can show three headlines
Depending on screen size, new Google AdWords ads will be able to show more text when allowed.


Twitter and Facebook get ready for campaign season.
Twitter introduces new US election candidate labels and launches its political campaigning policy 
Facebook’s new rules for political and issue ads start today (from May 25th)
In an effort to make political ads more transparent, Facebook released it’s new policy as well as a “paid for” notification so users can easily spot paid political ads.