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Welcome to this weeks industry round-up!  Wow, when did November happen?! As usual, there is a lot going on. More GMB updates, (Google is really putting in a lot of work to improve this feature!) Facebook removing dark posts and introducing in-stream video ads, and an overview of the Local Search Ecosystem that’s worth a read.


The ever-growing local search universe

“Oh, so you do Local SEO… what does that look like.”

This. This is what that looks like.

And this is only the very tip of the local search ecosystem iceberg. This great Search Engine Land post reviews how this landscape had changed over the last decade or so.

Click here to view the full, interactive version.



Google home services ads program rebrands, expanding to 30 cities by end of 2017

We’ve been watching Google Service Ads closely. They’ve been pretty hit and miss as far as results go for some businesses, and with this expansion to more cities, it will be really interesting to see if the results shift.
I do really like the addition of the leads manager as part of this service, making it so easy for business owners to respond to new leads from their ads.
Google Alerting Business Owners to Recent Questions in the New Search Dashboard on Mobile
From Mike Blumenthal,”Google Q & A has been one of the most problematic recent introductions because the questions can so readily impact the reputation of a business.”
Now when business owners are logged in with their Google account and search on mobile, they can respond directly to any questions that have been submitted to their listing.
Hopefully, with this release, business owners will be able to answer more questions as they are asked. Currently you can’t view Q&A’s on desktop making them a bit more challenge to manage and respond to.


There always seems to be weekly updates from Facebook land.
This week:
Facebook – no more dark posts
“Facebook is bringing “dark posts” into the light in response to the election interference on social media last year, and the new rules will impact all advertisers.” What this means is that ads will be able to be viewed by everyone as long as they are running, even if you are not being targeted.
This may be good news for marketers doing competitor research. We should be able to see what kinds of ads our competitors are running and how they are targeting. Bring it!
NEW- Facebook in-stream video ads
Video on Facebook has proven to be very powerful for advertisers, but reach within the newsfeed is waning a bit as are videos with sound. With new in-stream video ads, advertisers can have their ad places within a video, both live on-demand videos. If a user is already watching a video with sound, you will have a much greater chance of reaching them with your ad.
We’re very excited to test this out for local!