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Welcome back to your weekly update on all things Local SEO, SEO, digital marketing, and paid advertising.
This week brings us some headlines like,  “Google’s Chrome browser to drop secure label for all HTTPS sites” (watch out!), TripAdvisor joins the Yext PowerListings® network, and Google, Youtube to reach $19 Billion in local search advertising
But the news from Google Maps has us wondering what on earth they will be up to next.
Soon, maps will offer up restaurants based on your personal profile. How well does Google really know you? Better than you know yourself most likely.


• Google’s Chrome browser to drop secure label for all HTTPS sites
Google is changing how a website’s security is displayed, including the security changing when a user begins to enter information:

Is your website still not SSL compliant? – Give us a call 
• Google confirms it shortened search results snippets after expanding them last December
C’mon Google! Make up your mind! Us search engine marketers were excited when the meta descriptions appeared to lengthen late last year and many of us spent time adjusting our copy to use up this expanded real estate. Now it appears it may have been a wasted effort.


• TripAdvisor joins the Yext PowerListings® network
Pros, business like restaurants and hotels will be able to update their information seamlessly with their Text account. Cons, more businesses may be tricked into a Yext membership to correct outdated information listed on TripAdvisor. Thoughts?
Local business: get review snippets in Google with aggregate rating Schema. 
How those stars appear in search results can be somewhat of a mystery, this great post breaks down a few different ways to get them to appear for your business as well as the guidelines and best practices to follow.
Google Maps to get even more personalized with dining matched and the new Explore tab
Because Google knows you better than you know yourself, it’s new Explore tab in Google Map will help find the perfect match for you.
“Tapping on any food or drink venue will display your “match”—a number that suggests how likely you are to enjoy a place and reasons explaining why.” 
Get outta my head, Google! 


Google, Youtube to reach $19 Billion in local search advertising
“By 2022, BIA estimates local Google advertising will nearly double the over-the-air advertising spend for the entire radio industry.
Paid advertising for local businesses has been shifting over the years, and not surprisingly, Google is making up the lions share of paid advertising for local businesses.


7 tactics that help SMBS succeed in Facebook Groups
If you are a small business, have you explored using Facebook Groups to promote your business? There are ways to go about it, but if utilized properly, Facebook Groups can really be a powerful way to connect with your audience. The post by LocalU provides some great tips on how best to utilize groups for your business.