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Welcome to this week’s digital marketing roundup from Odd Dog Media. Google is making headlines with the new “donate” button available for non-profits as well as the snippet size on SERP pages being extended.  Moz’s Whiteboard Friday breaks down what this could mean for SEO.
Read on to learn more!


• Google adds a donate button directly into search for US-based nonprofits
A “Donate” button now appears in search results for select US-based non-profits.
More are being added and non-profits can check their eligibility here.
• Google officially increases length of snippets in search results
Google started rolling out longer snippets in November and now we are seeing about 50% results showing longer snippets.
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Thanks to Moz’s Rand Fishkin for breaking down what longer snippets can mean for SEO.
• Have a question about Will Ferrell? Google may show you a video response directly from him
Because there aren’t enough ways to water time online, Google is rolling out personal answers from select celebrities. Now when you ask a question about say, James Franco, he may just have a video response back for you.
This only works on mobile right now, and only for select celebs. Try out some combos, cause why not?


• Reddit Now Lets Brands Publish Subreddits and Manage Private Messages 
Sprinklr’s integration with Reddit marks the first time that brands are able to publish to Reddit through a third-party social marketing platform.
It will be interesting to see how brands start using Reddit for more engagement.
• Facebook releases messenger for kids
In an attempt to make chat safer for children, Facebook is releasing a messenger app specifically for kids. Parents will have more control and pre-approve people who they allow their children to chat with. A win for Facebook!
• Snapchat releases major update and redesign 
Their goal with this update is to separate the “social” from the “media” and make it even easier for people to interact with their friends.