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In this week’s digital marketing update roundup, Google makes some clarifications related to mobile-first indexing, you can now shop within Instagram Stories, and what does it actually look like when your business gets penalized by Yelp?


• Two Years & 1M Dollars Later, What We’ve Learned About Local Sponsorship Campaigns
At Odd Dog Media, we are always recommending local sponsorships for our clients. Not only can they be a great way to get some local exposure, but you will often get a backlink back to your website that will aid in boosting your SEO.
This article explains the work that is involved, and the patience that a sponsorship campaign requires. But it’s totally worth it in the end.
• Google Local Pack Shows Query Dependent Dynamic Business Categories
For years, business owners have been able to add multiple categories to their GMB listings. But why? When only one ever shows up? Well, now several different categories may be seen depending on the user’s search query.


• Google make some clarifications related to mobile-first indexing
If you’ve been confused by Google’s mobile-first indexing, you’re not alone. They recently released some clarification including, how different URL’s for mobile vs desktop is handled, crawling changes, and mobile user interface concessions.
 Google updates “Ad Settings” to allow users to turn off targeting signals
Now in Chrome, Google allows users to edit their ad settings.
If you want to see how Google Ads are targeting you, you can
A) Click on the arrow when you see an add to see how you are being targeted