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One of the best things about this industry is that there is always something happening. It can be a challenge to stay on top of the trends and updates, but it can be fun as well.
The week I get really excited about the new AMP in Gmail to be released soon. I think will change the way we use email going forward. Now, that’s an exciting update! See below for more news and tips on this weeks round up.


Internet Rages after Google removes view image button, bowing to Getty
At first glance, I thought this meant that you could no longer use Google to search for an image at all. Luckily this is not the case, this just means that Google yielded to Getty images and will now encourage users to click through to a website to view the full photo rather than download it directly from the search page. Copy-write infringement is a huge issue and, as much as I have disagreed with some of Getty’s tactics in the past, I completely understand this measure to protect the original owner.
What are your thoughts?
Google announces AMP for Email – delivering Accelerated Mobile Pages experiences to your inbox
Email is about to get a whole lot cooler! Google announced that they are going to start delivery accelerated mobile pages right to your inbox, making it easier to perform more tasks without leaving your inbox.


New Research: 35% of Competitive Local Keywords Have Local Pack Ads
Is your local business advertising in the Local Pack? Over 35% of competitive keywords are now being targeted and that number is expected to grow.
From MOZ
How to handle practitioner listings in your Google My Business and Local Listings
Whitespark did a great post on how to manage practitioner listings. We see this a lot with all of our medical and even our law firm clients, as each licensed professional, doctors and lawyers, are allowed to have their own GMB page. This post addresses common issues that we have run into, like:
What if the doctor sees patients at several offices?
What if the doctor is ranking, but you want the office to rank?
What other citations should we get for each practitioner?
What happens when the practitioner leaves the office or clinic?


How do you optimize content for a voice-first world?
In case you’ve been living under a rock, voice search is THE next thing that you need to concern yourself with when it comes to truly optimizing your website for search.
Voice content is longer form than it’s text only brother and can be especially important if you have a service area business. This post from Search Engine Land offers up some great tips on how best to prepare your website for voice-first search. 


Snapchat opens advertising API to everyone
Until now, you had to be an approved developer in order to access Snapchats API to run ads. That changed last week when Snapchat opened up the API to all developers.
This could mean big things for Snapchat who is struggling to hang on to its share of the social media marketplace.