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Welcome to our weekly roundup for the week of November 13th. Even in slow digital news weeks, it seems like there is always something going on. This week, in particular, we’re really excited about Google’s release of wait times and the case study on Google Post for GMB pages.

On the Odd Dog Blog this week, we broke down why patience is so key when it comes to a long-term SEO strategy.  When It Comes To SEO, Patience Is A Virtue

We also provided this great guide on how to get your business ready for the holidays this year.
Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays in 2017



• Yelp is Cracking Down on Review Solicitations… again. 
Yelp has had a “no ask” policy for quite some time, urging business owners not to solicit reviews. They are taking it further by going after third party companies who are soliciting reviews on their client’s behalf and then some.
What are your thoughts? Reviews are such an instrumental part of any Local SEO campaign. Offering any kind of reward for reviews is different than a business owner simply saying, “Hey, if you are happy with our service, would you mind leaving us a review? As a local businesses reviews mean a great deal.”
• Facebook adds a ‘crisis donate button’ to help disaster victims
Facebook has been rolling out features in their crisis response hub, including the ability to mark yourself safe if you are living in an area impacted by a disaster. Facebook has now announced that they are adding a “crisis donate button” as an easy way for people to give financial relief through the non-profit, Global Giving.


• Google Adds Wait Time to Local Results and Maps
In addition to seeing when popular busy times are at your favorite bars and restaurants, Google is also adding a wait time feature. Soon to be added to maps as well.
• Do Google Posts impact ranking? A case study
This was a really interesting find. We’ve been testing Google Posts with several of our clients as well, and our findings are pretty similar. Posts MAY give a small boost, but it can depend on the industry and has to be a part of a larger SEO campaign. Posts alone are not showing to make a significant jump in traffic or rankings.