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Howdy, Odd Dog Blog readers!
Lots of local news for you to digest this week- some highlights include a great case study about Buy Local campaigns, a great post about subjective vs objective attributes for Google My Business, and GMB insights launched.
All things local and Google My Business!  If you still haven’t verified or optimized your businesses’ Google My Business listing, this post will walk you through step-by-step:
The Ultimate Guide to Google My Business Pages in 2018


• What are GMB’s insights’ subjective attributes and how can you use them? 
Attributes have been around for a while and are ways to help your customers describe your business so that Google could provide relevant results to others searching. An example of an objective attribute question that comes up often is, “Is there a wheelchair accessible entrance?”  or “Does this business accept credit cards?” Objective attributes are more opinion based. Like, “Is this business a romantic location?”, or “Is this business a good place for groups?”
Objective attributes can be managed and edited by GMB owners, however, subjective attributes can not. (we touched on subjective reviews a few weeks ago here.)
So how can we use these to our advantage?
BrightLocal breaks down some ways in their post. Read more here
• The Local SEO’s Guide to the Buy Local phenomenon: A comprehensive advantage for clients. 
While this post from is geared toward agencies, there is a lot of value to be had by business owners as well.
Moz breaks down the effectiveness of Buy Local campaigns. If you are a local business, check to see if your city currently runs one and how to get involved.
buy local campaign results
Google Insights Launched    
This feature started being rolled out several weeks ago, and we are just now seeing it on our accounts.
From Google, “Many customers find businesses through Google Search and Maps. Google My Business Insights focuses on how customers find your listing on Search and Maps, and what they do after they find it.”
Here’s what a list of queries looks like from the backend of our Google My Business:
I’m really happy that people find us by searching “Dr. Dog” on Google Maps…. 
Our Local traffic is much higher than these numbers, so it will be interesting to see how this measures up over time and how we can use these search terms to increase conversions on our website.
Are you seeing this in your Google My Business dashboard yet? Let us know!