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Welcome to your Odd Dog Weekly roundup!
Not too much crazy from this last week, except that FACEBOOK IS WATCHING US ALL THE TIME!
But, that’s nothing new…
Have a great week!


Rand Fishkin Leaves Moz and announces a new company 
We knew this was coming, but it’s still bittersweet. Rand had stepped down as CEO of the Seattle based SEO giant MOZ last year but was still a very visible part of the company. We’re excited to see what’s up Rand’s sleeves for the future!


Twitter’s new bookmark feature lets you save tweets
Have you ever wanted to save a tweet without “liking” or “re-tweeting” it? Well, now you can!

Facebook has ended it’s Explore Feed experiment 
Facebook had been testing an explore feed option where all branded content would be in a separate feed from the main news feed. Due to the negative feedback, Facebook has decided not to roll out this feature.
Facebook’ s vaguely worded face-recognition announcement coincided with a legal setback 
Have you received a notification from Facebook about their new facial recognition update? Many users received one within the last week which interestingly coincided with a federal ruling that Facebook will be subject to a class action lawsuit about its biometric gathering and storage program. See more at Fast Company


Yelp offers new ad customization for advertisers 
Yelp announced that it will now allow advertisers to select images and preferred reviews for their ads on their platform.