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Happy Spring!
It’s finally feeling like a new season here in Seattle and there is a lot of buzzing in the digital marketing world. Facebook is a big part of that chatter, read more below.


Kick off Spring cleaning with these 5 tips for tying up your digital footprint
With the current and very public breach of personal information by Facebook, many of us are concerned about the information that is out there.
Mashable released this helpful video that will help you clean up your digital footprint.


Oh, Facebook…
In case you’ve been under a rock this last week, you’ve heard about the huge story that Facebook compromised millions of users personal information during the last presidential election.
What will this mean for businesses on the social platform? Time will tell.
Facebook is such a giant, that we don’t predict it going away anytime soon, in spite of the users that are deleting their accounts.
Here are some headlines worth checking out to get an idea of the scope of the issue.
• How Facebook exploited us all
• Facebook is buying print ads to apologize for the Cambridge Analytics scandal
Facebook knows literally everything about you
• Instagram might (finally) fixing its algorithm  
When Instagram changed its algorithm to remove the chronological order a few years ago, people were, let’s just say, displeased. Now they may be going back to the chronological order after all! *fingers crossed*


• The new Google AdWords interface is coming soon. Are you ready?
Search Engine Land lists some of the pros and cons of the upcoming new interface. Pros like the new Audience Manager that will help you target users based on how they interact with your website. And cons including the information perhaps being too big and taking up too much of a webpage.


New Google My Business dashboard slowly rolling out
More changes are coming to GMB pages. This one will impact the backend for listing owners. We haven’t seen the new dashboard yet, but you can get a sneak peek on Mike Blumenthal’s blog here.


• How to Manually Flag Reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook
After all the work you do to secure good, positive reviews, it really sucks when the spammy or inappropriate ones get through.
This post has some great action items to flag reviews on the top review platforms.
Whether you will love or hate it, it sounds like it will be an adjustment for sure.