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Welcome to Odd Dogs weekly round-up of all the things that we are talking about this week!
Not many major updates this week, but some great case studies that are worth your time to review.


Google’s growth in online local reviews continues to dominate, but….
We’ve seen the increasing importance of Google reviews for local businesses, but does that mean that business owners should be abandoning their review efforts on other websites? Search Engine Land takes us on a deep dive comparing other review giants like Facebook and Trip Advisor to Google reviews.
How to deal with fake negative reviews on Google
Joy Hawkins breaks it down again for us this week taking on one of the business owners biggest fears. Those dang negative reviews! And what’s even worse, what if it’s a fake review?

fake google reviews


Google releases Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator tools to illustrate importance of mobile page speed
Mobile, mobile, mobile! Google is placing so much importance on the mobile experience. Wonder how your website is stacking up against your competitors? And what impact your site speed has on your bottom line?


Local Services Ads vs Advanced Verification
What’s the difference anyway? Local Service Ads on Google are only available for a select number of businesses who go through a verification process. So what’s the difference between the process for a business to be able to run local service ads and the advanced verification needed for some general AdWords campaigns?
This post helps break it down.
Are Yelp ads worth paying for?
We run pretty lukewarm and cold with Yelp. They have pushy sales tactics, and in our experience, paid ads were expensive and are never able to deliver the results they claim. We love this case study from Joy Hawkins comparing Yelp ads to Google Adwords. Are either worth the investment for your business?


Are consumers burning out on social media?
This was a great piece from Marketing Land and it’s worth a read. Not only does it address the real concern for marketers that consumers are getting bored and complacent with social media, but what you can do about it!