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Turning Google Ads Into Your Business’ Best Friend

With algorithms constantly changing and new competitors popping up every day, digital advertising can start to feel like you’re just giving a bunch of money away.

The thing is, digital advertising can give you full transparency and control of your marketing campaigns and give you faster results than with any other medium. When done right, it allows you to put your message in front of your target customers at exactly the right time in their shopping journey.

Partnering with a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, like Odd Dog Media ensures you’re no longer pouring money down the drain and seeing nothing in return. We work with small businesses like yours to optimize their Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok campaigns for increased click-through rates, conversion rates, decreased costs-per-leads, and ultimately, more customers.

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From Our Clients

Our firm has worked with Odd Dog Media for a number of years. We have relied on the team for a host of functions – development, maintenance, SEO, special project support – and have been especially impressed with their responsiveness and appreciative of their demeanor. Odd Dog’s commitment to be a long-term partner with us has been demonstrated time and time again.

Meredith Valdez, Kotter

Without Odd Dog Media, I don’t think we would still be in business. We currently generate upwards of 60 new leads each month thanks to their efforts.

J. DeBruler, Accutint Bellevue

The Odd Dog team are fantastic. They do brilliant work and are incredibly easy to work with. It’s nice having a team with such deep expertise, mixed with excellent communication skills and affordability. I would highly recommend.

Rich Martin, RB Content Lab
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How Can I Get My Business in Front of Customers Who Are Ready to Buy?

SEO, social media management, and content marketing are all great ways to drive brand awareness and generate more leads. But each one takes time and consistent effort before you see any return.

Digital advertising allows you to target hyper-specific audiences so you get the leads your business needs to thrive faster than a dog chasing after his favorite frisbee. To do this, you need a strong ad campaign that includes:

  • A targeted strategy that ensures you’re only paying for keywords that generate results
  • Powerful, direct copy that speaks to your customer’s problem and calls them to action
  • A compelling landing page that convinces your customer you’re the only solution to their problem and gets them to convert

Google Ads is One of the Most Powerful Ad Platforms for Small Businesses.

According to WordStream, Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising platform in the world. In fact, a recent eMarketer survey suggests Google still holds the largest share of US digital ad spend, at 38.6% of the market.

Google wouldn’t be so profitable if businesses weren’t seeing great ROI from advertising on their platform. But you can’t take advantage of that profitability if don’t know how to use it effectively. The key is to work with the right partner to get the results you need to justify the spend.

A Successful PPC Strategy Ensures Your Message Reaches Your Ideal Audience When They’re Ready to Buy.

This helps your business:

  • Grow brand awareness to people that matter the most
  • Increase high-quality lead generation resulting in more sales
  • Track every single result and make adjustments where necessary

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From shops with multiple locations to licensed practitioners like lawyers and doctors, our clients put their trust in us and experience real results.

Your ideal customers are searching for you. Make sure you get found.

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Why Work With Odd Dog?

We’ve been delivering high-quality leads through proven digital advertising strategies for over 70 dog years.

When you partner with us, you end up with a custom, strategic campaign that’s set up to fetch real results. We take the guessing out of the process and focus on concrete numbers and proven outcomes to get you the highest return-on-investment.

Our team takes care of every step of the process: from researching and understanding your customers’ needs and pain points to setting up the ads, tracking them, and making adjustments wherever necessary to improve results.

In turn, you’ll find yourself with long-term results and a partnership that’s built over time. Now, that’s something we can all get behind.

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Our Process Fetches Results

From businesses with multiple office locations to licensed practitioners like lawyers and doctors, our clients put their trust in us and experience real results.

We don’t just say we’re top dog—our process has provided proven results to scores of businesses.

What the Numbers Say:

Click-Through Rates –  Creating a compelling message in your ad can help improve how many people click on your ads. The industry average is 1.91%. Odd Dog averages a 3.79%.

Conversion Rate – Proper conversion tracking is necessary to determine the success of your campaign and this is something we strongly believe in. On a nationwide level, the average conversion rate is 2.70%. Odd Dog averages 13.17%.

Cost Per Lead – We’re a bunch of data geeks around here and with that, we’re obsessed with trying to drive costs down for our clients. Google Ads average cost per leads are $63.00. Odd Dog averages $50.85.

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