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We are thrilled to announce the recipient of this year’s Odd Dog Marketing Scholarship, Marcus Lo! From the nearly 200 deserving and accomplished applicants for this year’s scholarship, Marcus stood out as an impressive aspiring marketer, tremendously worthy of recognition.

Marcus began his first year at the University of Southern California School of Business earlier this fall, where he’s pursuing a dual major in Computer Science and Business with a concentration in Marketing, along with enrolling in an accelerated Master’s Program in Product Innovation. His road to college though was not without immense hardship. Marcus endured the loss of both parents to cancer, suffered financial struggles, and homelessness. Through remarkable perseverance and determination, Marcus overcame his life circumstances to fulfill his mission of improving the lives of others through social entrepreneurship. In high school, Marcus founded a non-profit organization, The Krik Krak Computer Project, to provide digital literacy to elementary school students in Haiti, with an emphasis on serving children with autism and learning disabilities. “I spent years struggling with my own learning disabilities and identity in high school,” says Marcus. “I want to ensure that other children do not face the same struggles in their bright future.” Through opportunities like The Krik Krak Computer Project, Marcus has found even greater motivation to succeed in his academics, taking challenging AP classes and college-level courses throughout high school, paving the way for his forthcoming success at the University of Southern California School of Business.

Impressive is an understatement when describing the character and accomplishments of Marcus Lo. The team at Odd Dog is incredibly proud to celebrate Marcus as this year’s scholarship recipient, someone who is committed to using his education in marketing for betterment in the world. “Social entrepreneurship will definitely pave the way for global change,” says Marcus. “And I want to take part in that change to provide equal and satisfactory opportunities to all communities.” We are eager to see the impact that Marcus continues to make on the world in the future!

Thank you to all applicants for this year’s Odd Dog Marketing Scholarship. We were so inspired by the hard work, perseverance, and impact that all of you young marketers have made on the world around us. Keep up the good work!