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Kimberly brings a plethora of talent and expertise to the Odd Dog Media team. She got her start in marketing at a small agency back in Michigan where she developed her skills in SEO, Social, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Media buying. Before joining the agency world, Kimberly managed her own Title Abstraction business and brings the mindset of an owner to each client project she tackles. She brings over 6 years of marketing experience to the Odd Dog team and has multiple certifications including her Digital Marketing Certificate from Ferris State University.

One of Kimberly’s many areas of expertise is website design and development projects. Having launched hundreds of websites in her career she has extensive experience in Project Management and delivering client assets in a timely, organized fashion. In addition to Project Management, Kimberly is passionate about Google Ads Management. She loves digging into the data and rebuilding campaigns to maximize efficiency, client ad spend, and reducing the cost per lead. As she dives into the day to day of these campaigns, she brings her past experience as a business owner to help validate the decisions she makes, staying super organized and ultimately managing her time in an effective manner.

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What Kind Of Dog Is Kimberly?

If Kimberly was a dog, she’d be….. a Rhodesian Ridgeback – fierce, focused, determined and a problem solver.

Quote from our clients: "Kimberly is responsive to requests and knowledgeable, which gives me confidence in how our money is being spent. I know that when I ask about something, she will either have an answer or get back to me with one."

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In her free time, you can often find Kimberly heading to live music shows throughout Seattle, learning a new song on her guitar, exploring the cascades on a new hike, playing pool or hanging out with one of her charismatically cool Rover dogs.

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Why Kimberly Does What She Does

“I love seeing small business owners win. I find it super rewarding especially since we work really locally. I also enjoy learning about each industry. It feels like I’m in school still and I’ve always found that to be a ton of fun. With the industry constantly changing, I’m consistently challenged to adapt and it’s a great personality fit for me. At the end of the day, I thoroughly enjoy planning and executing on client projects and being able to see legitimate results. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of my job.”

We are a Seattle-based Digital Marketing Agency that is both right and left-brained. Our right-brained creativity helps us understand the business needs of our clients and find creative marketing solutions to meet those needs. Our left-brained, analytical side ensures that we have the technical chops to bring our ideas to life, measure their success, and secure ROI for our clients. We dedicate extensive time and resources to finding and training the types of consultants who can wear both creative and technical hats. This combination has allowed our consultants to produce exceptional results and become an award-winning agency.

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We are a pack of odd dogs with diverse backgrounds to help tell your story and grow your business. Let us know how we can help!