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Hello everyone, I am Tom and welcome to the blog my bosses here were generous enough to grant me (<drysarcasm> and then promptly populate with “hilarious” pictures of myself put on Facebook in my younger and dumber years </drysarcasm>).  Learning the basic lessons of the business world can be a difficult and painful process, so I decided I would use my time on this blog to help out the poor and lowly interns still learning those basic lessons.  Now these lessons will run the gamut from basic things concerning life on the internet (etiquette, distraction and porn) all the way to business-y things that anyone looking to live the glamorous life of the intern will find helpful.

So, while on the topic of my bosses stalking me on Facebook, today’s very basic lesson is going to be the old cliche: be careful about what you put on Facebook.  This is infinitely more important if you are considering working at a web-based firm (with or without maniacal bosses).  Everyone always applies this lesson to not posting yourself passed out face down on the floor at your friend Mark’s place after a hefty night of Canadian Quarters, but most forget that overly silly pictures of you are also there for your bosses.  For example, it is an equally bad idea to post a picture of yourself with ping -pong balls over your eyes in an attempt to look like the Bananaman (see my previous post):

(this is the giant yellow banana for my blog… *snicker*)

Furthermore, doing stupid things on Facebook applies to a lot more than pictures.  We all know the old story about the young employee who decided to post some choice words about her/his (we are gender-blind here) boss only to learn the hard way about the privacy settings FB offers.  Funny examples of idiotic FB posts are all over the internet.  My personal favorites are when two people fight about Jane Doe’s baby-daddy hooking up with Susie Q.  A bitter argument for the world to see, just like reality TV.  But I digress, the point is that there are ways to block certain people from seeing certain things.  For example, I would suggest making a list for your friends from work and restricting them to only seeing a limited portion of your profile.  It is very simple, just go to the account tab and choose “edit friends”.  Then click the “create new list” button and add your work friends to that list.  Promptly restrict what you don’t want them to see and there you go.  No more bosses publishing their idea of humorous pictures on the corporate website for all your connections to see… I can smell the bridges burning from here.

In any event, never talk about Facebook in front of a boss, this will inevitably lead to them sending you a friend request.  You cannot win in this situation so avoid it like the plague.  I am aware that I am friends with my bosses, but it is too late for me.  I chose to write this lesson in the first post because I just learned it yesterday.  Well anyways I look forward to continuing to share my knowledge.  The picture above is a good example of a nice, respectable photo to use.

Hope you enjoyed it.