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I’ll bet you thought I had forgotten about this little series.  Nope!  Come and bask in the sheer glory of the world of web vocab.  While I would love to educate the masses on the joy of meme’s, internet trends, and fashion (guilty pleasure I know), I know that many of you are here to learn so my intense desire to share the hilarity to be had on the internet will have to be sated.  To that end I am going to produce the funny right now. Prepare, friends, to feast your eyes and ears on the greatest piece of art every created by mankind. /love:

(there is a longer version of this, but due to a lack of attention-span from internet goers I found a cut version for you. You can thank me in the comments section *wink*)

Once you come down from the serotonin-induced brain party that video unleashes we can start the education.

Link Juice

Link Juice (LJ) gets the award for marketing vocab term with the most potential to be hilarious.  However, if you stop cracking jokes for one second and actually look at what it is, you will find it to be an extremely important concept for Search Engine Optimization.  It is a simple idea made complex by a bunch of factors but the short of it is this: LJ is the latent search engine power transferred to your page when someone links to it.  A deeper look will reveal that the amount of LJ transferred is determined by two factors.  The first is the page rank and authority of the linking page.  The second is how many other pages are being linked to from the linking page.  LJ is divvied up equally between all the links on a page.  This means that a rank 8 (that is very good) page that links to a thousand sites (this would never happen) is not passing very much juice on to those pages.

LJ is what makes links so important in SEO.  Google looks at what kind of LJ you have both coming in and going out.  It then factors that in to your ranking.  Obviously, the more LJ you have flowing through your site the better your rank will become.  You will also want to be sure that you pass that LJ on to other reputable and friendly sites as it is good to have a network (increases rankings… yay!).


Well now that you have become aware of the wonders of Link Juice I am sure you thirst for it as a howler monkey does for the succulent juice of the fig.  So how do you quench this most primal of needs?  The answer is simple at first glance: a linkbuilding campaign!  Unfortunately for you (and me)  doing linkbuilding is the web marketing equivalent of shoveling elephant mounds in a zoo.  However it needs to be done and I will some day steal the stars out of the eyes of another poor intern with such work.  His or her despair shall vindicate my own bitterness.

There are two methods of linkbuilding that I will share with you today.  The first is the wonderful email and listing campaign.  This is a slow process that involves getting listings on directories and sending out emails to desirable linking sites.  You can do this through evaluating your competitors links, Googling everything, talking to your friends (and even making new ones), and emailing strangers.  The key here is to find desirable sites.  Many SEO sites will just try to gain as many links as possible, but the lower level links do not pass much juice.

Finally, let’s talk about creative content.  This is the shining jewel of linkbuilding.  Creative content writing is just about the greatest thing ever.  All you do is write up some content (it could be anything as long as it relates to your business) and push it out on article directories, social news sites, and other places people will find it.  If the web  likes it, they will link to it (and, by default, you).  If you make good content on article can boost you to the top of Google.  And the bag of chips to all this?  It is fun to do.  Shazam.

There it is readers, some knowledge to put on your plate with your peas and steak.  Om Nom Nom.