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Photoshop is one of the most versatile applications that anyone can learn how to use. The capabilities of what it can do are actually endless, and if you know how to use it effectively it can be an impressive addition to any resume.

Anyone can say that they are “moderately experienced in photoshop”. That could mean that they only know how to crop and re-save an image, I could teach an 8 year old to do that. What not many people can say is that they are a “Photoshop Jedi”. Here’s a few reasons why you might want to head to Dagobah and learn from the little green Photoshop master.

Seven Reasons Why You Need to Learn Photoshop

  1. Because of today’s digital tendencies being competent in an image editing software is becoming important.
  2. It isn’t difficult to learn. It just takes time, patience and determination.
  3. Becoming more efficient with your time, photoshop can save you hours upon hours if you learn to utilize the correct functions and hot keys.
  4. If you work at a small company, being able to do design in house can save a lot of money (and make you more valuable).
  5. You can probably earn a few extra bucks by editing/designing for friends, coworkers, family, etc. Maybe eventually starting to do some freelance jobs on the side as well.
  6. The resources for learning Photoshop are extensive. Sites like Photoshop Tutorials, PSD Tuts, Photoshop Essentials and YouTube are great resources to begin your learning quest.
  7. You can impress (or embarrass) your friends with your photo editing skills.

There you have it. Taking a Photoshop class or watching tutorials is well worth your time and money investment.