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Odd Dog Media Launches Redesigned Website for Direct Marketing Client – KP Corporation

KP Corporation is a direct marketing and corporate communications company that specializes in helping companies have an efficient marketing supply chain. They have been a powerful player in the marketing industry since 1929. Over the years they have opened offices all over the Western half of the U.S. – from Seattle to Texas.

KP Corporation teamed up with us to help them bridge the gap between technology and KP’s own marketing. Odd Dog set out to do this through a number of methods:

  • Redesigning the website to have better user interaction and more modern design elements
  • Developing the website on a content management system to so that KP could easily update and makes changes to the website
  • Implementing dynamic content to the website with portfolios, case studies, staff profiles, and a blog
  • Developing the website and optimizing the content for SEO
  • Engaging with customers through social media
  • Creating a knowledge base of direct marketing essentials to establish KP as the trusted authority in their industry and bolster their SEO

Before and After KP

Through this combination of design, development, and online marketing we were able to deliver a finished product that adequately represents KP as a company. Redesigning a website is a thorough process, which is why we start with detailed client research and discovery, and then proceed with moodboards, mockups, and specs before diving into the design and development. With clients as prominent as prominent as Starbucks, Nordstrom, and REI, we wanted to make sure KP Corporation’s website would not only be a showcase of their position in this industry, but also as a way to convert viewers into customers.

Check out the new site!

KP Client Page
KP Client Page
KP Environmental Impact Page
KP Environmental Impact Page

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