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The Miami Heat, Google, and Apple. You may be asking yourself what do these three powerhouses all have in common?

Well the answer is PARTNERSHIPS.

The Miami Heat acquire Lebron James and Chris Bosh, then look what happens. They go out and win an NBA championship in dominating fashion. Google and Apple are now following suit, acquiring some of the largest rating powers on the web.Google paired with Zagat, the largest search engine in the world along with one of the most trusted cuisine rating companies. So now the question may be what does the Google-Zagat baby mean for internet users everywhere? The new and “improved” Google+ Local has frustrated business owners and  spurred users since the end of May.

Apple, on the other hand, decided to pair itself with Yelp, creating a very different dynamic. Everyone knows about Apple, chances are you are in possession of one of their products. But let’s turn our focus towards Yelp. Not only does Yelp rate restaurants, but it has also created a very powerful rating system for all types of business’. This partnership is still developing and will not show itself until the iOS 6 software update supposedly coming this fall.

These “dynasty” like conjunctions are shaping both the sporting and the business world alike. What this has in store for the future is still a mystery to all of us. All we can do now is root for the underdogs (A.K.A. the Thunder, sorry I’m not sorry) and hope for the best!

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