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Hello everyone and welcome to John’s Bookmarks!

What is it you ask… Well it will be a weekly installment of interesting bookmarks that I use on a daily basis! I’ll be sharing my nifty secrets for FREE! Anything from new interesting plugins to funny gifs that make those difficult day a little brighter. The first installment will go over some CSS3 Generators that I use on a daily basis to make CSS writing a little quicker… plus who wants to remember all the code to generate CSS gradients, I sure don’t!

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

This site will generate just about any gradient combination you can think of! Generating them is pretty simple as the tool is very similar to the Photoshop Gradient tool (if you’re familiar with Photoshop, if not it may take a little time to figure out how it works but it’s worth it). It also supports IE and can automatically input comments for you. Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

CSS3 Gen.

This site can generate other CSS3 styles such as: Box Shadow, Text Shadow, Border Radius, Gradients (although I’d still stick with the above link for that), and a Button Generator! Quite powerful huh? One of the reasons I like this site over other is that they provide a nice description of what these different CSS styles do, how to use them, and what browsers support them. I mainly use this site for box shadows, text shadows, and border radius. If you’re new to using CSS3 then this is a great place to get started! CSS3 Gen.

CSS3 Generator

This site can also generate all major CSS3 styles along with a couple extras like: Transitions, Transform, @font-face along with a few others! This is great if you’re a little more familiar with CSS3 and want to expand and try a few new tricks out. The transitions area is probably my favorite because it has a preview box that shows you how the element will respond! CSS3 Generator.

Thanks everyone for reading, hope you liked it and please check back next week for the 2nd installment!