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Whenever I think of website development I think of my childhood. Now some of you might be thinking “Childhood… Website Development… There’s no way you ever thought of website development as a young lass.” You’re correct! When I was growing up the Internet was in it’s infancy, a toddler if you will, learning to walk for the first time (only daddy wasn’t there to see it, which left him scared and full of pornography)… but that’s a completely different discussion. It reminds me of my childhood because my childhood reminds me of Jet Puff and Jet Puff reminds me of Website Development… Come along… Let’s take a trip down my memory lane, together ๐Ÿ˜‰

The thing I remember most about Jet-Puffed was the process they go through to obtain proper consistency. Not to say that just eating a straight-from-the-jar spoon full of it’s delicious white goodness isn’t pure bliss, but heating it up and dumping it on ice cream… Ecstasy! First you would take an empty mug (think of this as your blank webpage) toss in a couple spoon fulls of “The Puff” (our HTML and CSS) and plop her in the microwave to give it some life (our jQuery). At any point one of these steps could get a little… sticky ๐Ÿ™‚ which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you wash your hands and learn how to be a little more careful. Sometimes you can learn from these mistakes which makes you a better Developer, this would be like licking your fingers instead of washing them off in the sink. Once “The Puff” has had some ample time to heat up to a more liquified state it’s now time to bring on the ice cream. What kind of ice cream you ask…

At any point one of these steps could get a little… sticky ๐Ÿ™‚

CAKE BATTER, COOKIES AND CREAM, vanilla, CHOCOLATE, PRALINES AND CREAM… the list goes on… PHISH FOOD, HALF BAKED, AMERICONE DREAM (Stephen…) and the list goes on… STRAWBERRY, RAINBOW SHERBERT (this would be your scripting language). You take your jiggly Jet Puff (HTML, CSS, jQuery) and pile it all on top of your ice cream (scripting language), after some trial and error, tweaking and testing (Did you add enough? Do you need to take away anything? Is it too hot? Not hot enough? etc…) you’ve finally obtained the perfect mixture of Puff goodness.

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In closing, Jet Puff is delicious, sticky but delicious. This ladies and gentlemen is what I think about web development. You plan accordingly learning constantly while trying new techniques along the way to reach that perfect combination. Sometimes you’ll might find yourself in sticky situations but remember you can always lick it off. I’m John Broetje wishing you a pleasant Friday.