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Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd installment of John’s Bookmarks!

In this edition, installment, segment… we’re going to take a look at different placeholder image sites that can give your development site a little more pizzazz (I looked up how to spell that), a cool new plugin that allows you to bulk upload WordPress plugins, and a cool way to browse the web! Excited??? Let’s take a look!

Bulk Plugin Installation

If you’re like me you probably use a lot of the same plugins on all WP sites you develop. It’s always been a big pain of mine to have to go through the process of installing them one by one. I would try to keep a folder locally of the plugins so I could upload them via ftp but I found myself constantly having to update my local copies. Then I stumbled across this bulk plugin installation plugin and it works great. Simply type in the name of the plugins you want to install and away they go. Check it out Bulk Plugin Installation.

Placeholder Image Sites

When developing new WP sites I’ve found that clients don’t always have the imagery ready when I need it, in comes placeholder images. Now, there are some fairly good sites out there that provide you with a nice greyed out placeholder providing you with that wire framed look. Something like will be your best friend, the nice thing about this is that it provides you with the image dimensions upon display, very convenient. However, I like to add a little bit more personality to my development site. When wanting to do that I like to use these sites: Placekitten or in our case Placedog. These site will give you some nice placeholder images or great looking kittens and puppies bringing a smile to your clients face every time! Take a look:

Ever Heard of Gizoogle

Gizoogle will customize your google search results to have them reflect the language of Mr. Snoop Lion (formally Snoop Dogg). It’s hilariously fun and will also render those webpages in the language of Snoop Lion. Here’s our site all Gizoogled out: Gizoogled Odd Dog Media, nevermind the broken video :/ Try it out on your site: Gizoogle.

That’s all for today folks, until next week… Have a happy beer!