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We get it. Writing good content takes time, which is one thing that business owners can’t spare. We’re going to make a case that blogging is important and show you ways to make it easier.

Why Blog at all?

  • Increased traffic in search engines.
    More traffic = more leads. And more leads, mean more sales if you’re playing your cards right!  And isn’t that what web traffic is all about?
  • Blogging often is a trusted source of information.
    When you offer valuable information to your potential clients while they are in their research stage of buying, they are more likely to purchase from you when they make their decision.
  • “Free” Advertising
    I say “free” with quotes as the only cost is your time. Web searchers are 70% more likely to click on organic search results. With the right keywords and frequent enough posting, your blog will likely appear in organic search results and drive more traffic than a paid advertisement.

While posting is important, you also don’t want to post for postings sake.
Here are some ways to make blogging easier, faster, and more impactful.

  • Set a calendar (and stick to it!)
    This will make everything SO much easier! What themes is it important for you to touch on each month? What keywords do you want to target? Schedule your blog posts around those.
  • Think Local
    Post about local events, community news, or even highlight another local business. This is not about building link exchanges, but about engaging with your local area. (of course adding local keywords doesn’t hurt!)
  • Make Lists
    List are easy and very shareable. Again, make sure you are not listing only to create a quick blog post, but really adding value to your readers. Going back to thinking local, list your favorite restaurants or your favorite things to do on a Saturday in your neighborhood. About your business, you can list your favorite blogs to read, or the top 5 things people need to know about your industry.
  • Search matching
    Create blog titles to match what you think a potential customer would search for. What would your potential clients be entering in to “The Google”. Get creative. Think of search terms around your business, not just directly related to it. Example, you own a photography business. Your clients may not only be searching for “Seattle photographer”, but also “what to wear to an engagement shoot”, “best places in Seattle to take senior photos”, “most romantic wedding venues”, etc. 
  • FAQ’s
    There have to be questions that you get asked all the time about your business. Create a blog post answering them.  You can then refer people to this post when they ask these questions in the future.
  • Re-blog
    After you’ve built up a bunch of posts, re-post the popular ones. Or you can create similar posts but with a new twist on them. Notice what works and what doesn’t.
  • Curate!
    Find great content on the inter-webs and share it with your own take on the information on your blog.  DO you agree with the original poster? Why or why not? Make sure to always credit the original source.

Do you have some great tips to make blogging an easier part of your on-line marketing strategy?

We’d love to hear it! Leave a reply below.