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Over the past year we have been engaged with our client Pioneer Door, a Seattle Garage Door repair company to handle some Local SEO. We did some light research upfront and felt pretty good about the prospects of what we could achieve for them.

12 months later and almost NONE of the competitors that we initially researched are still there. Not because all the competitors are suddenly going out of business, but because almost all of the companies we had initially researched turned out to be spam.

Here’s what’s happening in this industry:
Some business owners started a garage door repair Montgomery business in their local cities and saw success in optimizing his search marketing. They then thought that if they could do the same search marketing in every city throughout the US, they could just sell the leads back to the actual businesses in the area to actually do the work.

This tactic has been so successful that fake looking Garage Door Repair business websites have popped up everywhere and half of our job with our client is simply doing spam control to eliminate the fake companies.

We’re not sure how Garage Door Repair seems to have become so ripe for spammers, but we’re hoping the upcoming Google Certified ads help to cut down on this practice as it only hurts the local business owners by allowing out of town marketing companies to get in the middle of the transaction and raise the costs.