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It was just announced that Facebook will be taking a bit out of LinkedIn and Glassdoor’s business by allowing businesses to post job openings on their Facebook page.

While you have always been able to make a post, the new feature will create a dedicated “Jobs” section where applicants can see jobs and also apply for them directly through Facebook. Here’s how it works:

So what does this mean for businesses?  We have a few guesses as to what may happen:

More Page Followers
Our first thought on this is that business pages will start to see a jump in Facebook page followers by implementing this.  People are always on the lookout for their dream job and being able to easily follow job postings on Facebook is just about the simplest way to do so.

Increased Page Interaction
If people are following your business for jobs, it means they are most likely genuinely interested in what you do and more likely to share any content that you post on Facebook.  In the end, we see this as a net gain and a great reason to be posting your jobs on your Facebook page.

Quality of Applicants?
Our big question is how this will impact the quality of the applicants.  Whenever we see online forms get easier, it results in a higher conversion rate and typically fewer qualified contacts.  We would think that businesses may have to weed through quite a few more applicants to find the good ones, but we could be proven wrong.  We’re interested to see how this plays out.

Moving Facebook more toward LinkedIn
If we were Facebook, the largest area of growth would be getting into the professional networking space and this may be a first move that direction.  Every business has (or should have) a Facebook page and now they want to drive more interaction with that business presence as much as they can.  It’ll be interesting to see how the Job Posting feature plays out and if Facebook has more plans to encroach on the business social networking space.


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