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That title may be a little misleading, but here is my main point:

Telling the story of your own company is difficult.  Get help from the outside.

Back Story:
We do a lot of marketing consulting with other companies.  As an outsider, it’s easy to point out flaws in the way they are currently positioning themselves, ways in which they can improve and metrics by which to measure their success.  However when I tried to do the same for our company, I fell flat on my face.

  • Main headers were too long.
  • We tried to tell too much of our story.
  • Our messaging wasn’t clear, it was all over the place.
  • We tried to throw too much detail at our customers.
  • Deciding whether or not to re-brand was a 3-week process that consumed WAY too much time.

So here we are, a high-end web marketing firm, and we can’t get our own web marketing right.  It wasn’t looking good.

Our Problem:
Simply put, we know too much about our own company.  We know every nook, cranny & detail about what we do and we don’t feel our value can be properly communicated without telling the entire story.

There’s only one problem with this: Our Prospects don’t care about our entire story. They want the key points that set cMedia apart and will make a positive difference for their company if they decide to work with us.  They want the value, not the detail.

Our Solution:
After spending more time than we should on figuring it out, we finally came to terms with the fact that we are too close to our own company to create the proper messaging.  So we turned to our good friend and Branding Expert, Charmel Bowden to come in and give us an outsiders perspective.

It’s one of the best things we have done for our company in a long time. In just two weeks, here is what we have accomplished with Charmel’s guidance:

  • A clear, concise value proposition to set us apart from other web marketing firms.
  • Strong points that communicate the value we bring to our clients.
  • Simple, strong calls to action on our website that encourages contacting us.

Moral of the Story:
Back when I ran web demos for RegOnline, we tried to pack as many features into the hour-long demo as possible.  Time and time again I heard attendees saying “Wow, your system has a lot going on.”  Score!  Mission accomplished.  Just sold another customer.  Or did I?

The next question they would ask would relate to basic functionality that I did cover, but it was mixed up with hundreds of other features and they usually missed it.  Crap.  In time we realized there were about 10-15 key features/functionality that sold 90% of the webinar attendees.

The point is, sometimes we know too much about our own companies to see the main reasons why our customers decide to do business with us.  This sucks.  How can we expect to run successful businesses if we are so engrained in the details that we can’t see the true reasons behind why our customers bring us money?

Even marketing companies need an outside perspective to see what’s really going on.  It’s actually pretty cool to know that even WE have a demand for our OWN SERVICE.

We still have a lot to do in order to implement everything that Charmel helped us out with.  Keep checking back to watch it progress over the next few weeks!