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Southwest Airlines has one of the most unique twitter accounts in the entire Twittersphere (cool word huh?).

Southwest, led by Christi Day and Paula Berg, pay much attention to the way their customers interacted with their twitter account. They learned a few key things from listening to them:

  1. To be helpful and informative
  2. To be fun and personable

Not only do they post quality information that could be valuable to their customers but they also show off some of their personality, like the rapping flight attendant they featured. The key to their social media successes is quite simple… listen! This has played a key role in monitoring their brand.

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to have good things to say about your company, but if you can respond to this negative feedback in the RIGHT way it can actually help your company.

Southwest has proved that listening, engaging and embracing these social avenues can have a positive effect on business