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Back in December of 2009, local Seattle radio station 107.7 The End, showed us what poor brand management looks like.

Controversy started with a simple two sentence tweet:

“Not all Muslims are terrorists – but nearly all terrorists are Muslims. Time to accept profiling America”

The tweet gained much attention almost instantly. Back and forth the tweets went, the author defending his point while others seemed to be mostly offended by it.

It can be beneficial for companies to be a little “edgy” at times, it is a critical part of social media. However there is a fine line between “edgy” and “offensive” and that line needs to be treated with a great deal of respect. This wasn’t the end of this mess either…

In an attempt to come out of this situation unharmed, 107.7’s corporate owner, Entercom, apologized on their behalf in the form of yet another tweet:

“We abhor last nights twitter hacking. The End brand in no way condones the comments and apologizes. Pswrd & security measures changed.”

So, this whole tweet mess was the result of a hacking? Even though the author (“hacker”) was allowed to tweet for 4 days before the problem was addressed. Whether this was the result of a hacking or not, this is a great lesson for all of us to learn from in terms of how sensitive social media can be. Please everyone, take care of Your Brand!