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Now that you have your information gathered and your content plan in place, it is time to start making it rain. There are a few tricks to this part of the equation and a lot of the skills that are gained are acquired through simply following through on your plans. However, there are a few pieces of advice we are able to give aside from “just get out there”.

    • Your Social Schedule
      • Having a schedule is one of the most important parts of the social media experience. However, your schedule refers not just to the days you post on, but also the times at which your posts come out. Look back at your information because this is what your planning will be based on. Know when your reader base is going to be online and looking for your posts. Here are a couple pointers.
        [sws_blockquote align=”left” alignment=”alignleft” cite=”” quotestyles=”style02″] Make sure you are tweeting about your posts across all your social channels![/sws_blockquote]

        • The best days to post a blog tends to be towards the end of the work week. However, it is good to post at least Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
        • Posts tend to get shared more just after the lunch hour so around here is a good time to post.
        • Post hits spike around the Noon hour and again between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.
        • Consistency is key. Make sure you are keeping your posting days and times somewhat consistent so that your readers know when to expect your blog
        • For more tips go to Problogger or readwriteweb and here is a sweet infographic on timing Infographic.


      • Make sure you are tweeting. Twitter, to a certain extent, follows a “if you build it” type pattern. If you are tweeting valuable and interesting stuff, people will start to follow you.
        • Retweet. This will get you on other people’s feed as well as show your followers valuable information. It can also be used to spark up conversation, which brings me to:
        • Start conversations. Being active in talking “@” other users will result in people taking interest in your thread. Just make sure you have intelligent things to say.
        • Set yourself a Twitter goal. To help make sure you are active, set yourself a tweet goal, generally 2-5 tweets a day is manageable and fairly active. Do not be afraid to go over though.


    • Get your posts done early
      • It is important to your credibility to make sure that your grammar is perfect and your spelling flawless. What else does a blogger have if not credibility?
      • Make sure your post makes sense, follows a logical path, and is easily understandable. If there is one thing we hate, its a post that ends up adding no value or is just gibberish (but we do love the word “gibberish”


    • Respond, respond, respond
      • Make sure that you are on top of any conversation that pops up around your posts. People love it when their comments get responses and it is a great way to build a loyal reader base. Do not neglect your readers!


  • Avoid distraction!
    • Working on the internet can be unbelievably hard due to distraction. We would post some specific examples of distracting sites, but we would never get this post finished. When writing, keep yourself on task and get done what you set out to do.

Well there it is, the complete Social Media strategy. Feel free to post in the comments if you have any suggestions we might have missed. Good luck out there!