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This process of adding Managers to a Google Plus page has changed recently and we wanted to get quick updates out of how to do this.

Step 1
Ensure you are logged into your Google Account.

Step 2
Go to your Google+ page

Step 3
You will see a button at the top that says “You are a manager of this page. Switch to this Page.” Click that button so that you are now managing the page and not your personal profile.

google plus switch page

Step 4
In the upper-right, click the arrow button and you will see a link called “Managers” that appears in the drop down. Click that link.

google plus admin box

Step 5
You should see a box titled “Add Managers by email”. Just enter the email address of the person you want to invite and click “Invite”. If you do not see this box, then you do not have permission to add Managers.

google plus add managers