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Yes, it’s a thing.

I’m sure you were all: 🙄  but now, you’re all 🤔 and soon you’ll be 😆 ! So, Happy World Emoji Day!
World Emoji Day started in 2014 and has been increasing in popularity ever since.

From Wikipedia:
 “World Emoji Day is “the brainchild of Jeremy Burge“according to CNBC who stated that “London-based founder of Emojipedia created it” in 2014.
#worldemojiday has been the number one trending hashtag on Twitter on July 17th for the last few years as well.
Why July 17th? Because that is the date the emoji calendar looks to be showing on iPhone devices, and in 2016, not to be left out, Google changed their calendar emoji to reflect July 17th as well.
Why do we need a day dedicated to Emojis?  Because 92% of on-line consumers use emoji’s daily. That’s huge!
For good or bad, they are changing the way we communicate with one another. There’s even an emoji movie being released this month… (seriously)

Are you ready for The Emoji Movie?! 
Are any of us really?Emojis are becoming a common way that we communicate with one another, and in marketing, the use of emojis has increased 777% from 2015 to 2016 alone. Check out this great study and infographic provided by Appboy. Big companies like Domino’s are even allowing you to order pizza using only an emoji.
Do you use emojis in your business at all?  If not, we’ll show you some ways you can utilize emojis in your brand.

Before you incorporate emojis, first:

Understand what they mean

Do a little research on your emojis to make sure they mean what you want them to mean.  Is it a high-five or hands praying? Some emojis can be interpreted differently depending on how they are used and even who they are read by.

Know your audience

As with any messaging for your business, make sure you know your audience. The way that  25-year-old communicates with emojis is very different than how a 55-year-old would.

Ways to incorporate emojis in your marketing

Email Subject Lines

An inbox is a noisy place and one way your email can stand out of the crowd is to add an emoji in your subject line. This doesn’t mean you have to add rainbows and smiley faces, but using an appropriate emoji for your brand and message can help your email get some attention.
If you use a provider like MailChimp that allows A/B testing, try sending emails with and without emojis in the subject line.
Do emails with or without emojis have a higher open rate?
Test and see what works best for your brand.

Twitter posts

You only have 140 characters of space to work with. Sometimes an emoji or two will help make your point understood,  or add a bit of style and pop to your tweet. Just don’t overdo it or else your tweet will look like you are sending a secret code and your message will be completely lost!

Customer Serviceworld emoji day 2017

Just a smiley face in an email from your customer service team can add some personality to the text on the screen.

Social Media Reactions

When engaging with your audience on social media, a simple thumbs up after a comment can help personify your brand, add some fun, and make your interactions feel more genuine.
Emojis can add humor and can really help to humanize your business. Yes, they can be silly too, so again, make sure you know your audience well, no matter how you want to use emojis.
Where else have you seen emoji’s used well? Tell us in the comments below!