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We gave you homework a few weeks ago, and if you completed it, Congrats! You’ve identified your perfect customer and can write a book about them! (if you haven’t go back and read this post.. it’s OK, we’ll wait …………………. great, welcome back!)
Now you can effectively market to your perfect customer and make your services irresistible to them. After all, they have a pain point that you can solve. You would be doing a disservice if you didn’t market to them. They’re already looking for you!

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“You have the solution to their problem. You would be doing a disservice to them if you didn’t try to reach them.”– tweet that! 


Taking what you know about your customer, you should now know where and how to advertise.
The where is the places where your ideal customer is. Maybe it’s not even on-line. Maybe a print ad would actually perform better than say a Facebook ad for your target client.
The how is the content. How does your ideal customer talk? What vocabulary terms do they use? What images do you think they would be drawn to?

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Here are some ways to really get yourself in front of your customers with your local business:

1.  Search Engine Marketing. While we will make the case that first and foremost your local SEO needs to be in top shape first, paying to show up in specific search terms that your customers are looking for will get even more traffic to your website.
Make sure that you have a powerful converter in place for this new traffic. Getting clicks to your website is worthless if you aren’t able to convert them to sales.

2. Sponsor an event. Does your industry have events where your ideal customer attends? If you’re a chiropractor, consider sponsoring a race and setting up a treatment table for the racers. If you’re a law firm consider sponsoring or even creating a networking event. Most cities have a chamber of commerce that is always looking for sponsors for local events or even chamber meetings.  (link backs from these events and organizations are usually excellent to have as well.)

3. Paid Social. If your customers are on social, run a paid ad. Make sure that you’re really targeting your customer. Use Facebook insights to really customize who sees your message. (here’s a great tutorial from Social Media Examiner. How to Use Facebook Audience Insights: What Marketers Need to Know. )

4. Print ads. While it may be going away, print is not dead yet. You may want to consider running an ad in a publication that your customer reads. Merging tech with print, you can even have a unique custom code for each campaign so that you can actually track your ROI on any print campaign you run.  (ask us about our campaign planner tool!)

Action Item: What other ways have you found to get in front of your perfect customers? Tell us in the comments below!