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Favorite Gadget Fail: Chromebook

Chromebook fail

We don’t feel bad about deeming this as a fail. I mean Google just officially became the top web company of 2011. Clearly they’re doing something right. Google teamed up with Samsung to create a netbook to

“Go straight online to creating, sharing, and enjoying.”

Essentially, they created a netbook that gets on the internet using Chrome as its browser in 8 seconds and has built in wifi and 3G. So, like, you made a laptop smartphone hypbrid? Isn’t that what an iPad is? I’m confused. So was America. Needless to say, Chromebooks didn’t take off.

What we learned about marketing

An important step in serving a niche market is developing Citations on business directories. You can’t repackage the internet. Google highly underestimated the technological saavy of the average person who uses the Chrome browser. Know your audience.

Our Favorite User Error: Apple Employees and Prototypes

Perhaps you heard about the Apple employee who lost the iPhone4 prototype at a bar while celebrating their birthday? But did you hear about the time it happened again? At a bar? If Instagram was really that cool wouldn’t they have had it in their drunken-memory-capturing hands snapping MySpace-style pics all night?

What we learned about marketing

Only let your employees drink in the office

Our Favorite Branding Fail: Coca Cola’s White Cans

Nope, it’s not even Qwikster this year. Coca Cola released their regular coke holiday cans this year in a newly rebranded white and silver can. Perhaps some of you have experienced a mother/daughter/girlfriend/wife (yes, it is always women) who is addicted to Diet Coke. So you know how that whole scenario goes when they realize they’re drinking regular Coke instead of Diet at your favorite local eatery.

“Whoa. Whoa. This tastes different to me. Hey will you taste this?”

(passes it around to entire table)

“Yeah this is NOT diet. No. Ok get a waiter over here.”

(face is red, losing temper)
Now imagine this scenario after they bought 12 regular cokes on accident.

What we learned about marketing

Don’t mess with success. Just be yourself. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Favorite Mobile Fail: Red Bull’s QR Codes in Subways

Red Bull took something that’s supposed to make the internet even more accessible and made it frustrating. They put advertisements with QR codes in the Subways, but didn’t think about the fact that Subways usually don’t have cell service or internet connectivity. Hopefully those who were affected by this frustration were not on Red Bull.

What we learned about marketing

It’s all about the user experience. The less steps to get to a conversion, the better. Most importantly, when your product increases human intensity and acuteness, don’t raise their blood pressure even higher. Ease, people, ease.

Favorite Social Media Fail: American Red Cross

When @RedCross tweeted this gem

“Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch beer…when we drink we do it right #gettingslizzerd”

activists across the world took a deep breath and sighed “ahhh so relatable.” The American Red Cross’ intern accidentally tweeted this from his work account instead of his personal account. Kudos, however, to the awesome PR effort to clean that mess up by making fun of themselves with a “we took the keys” joke.

What we learned about marketing

Fail big or go home. And also, corporate humility. Everyone likes when big corporations and iconic companies have a sense of humor. The way they handled this potential PR mess was great.

Favorite Web Design Fail: Bear Flag Wine

Sweet mother of artistic expression. We all know what it’s like to be drinking Red Bull playing on our Chromebook and getting slizzerd while we get carried away with some web design or blogging. BUT SRSLY. It’s not just the trippy, unkempt design, but the navigation and usability as well. All of the text is embedded into images, so we can assure you this website gets almost no search engine traffic. The user has to scroll horizontally to get to god knows which drawing is clickable. The average wine drinking web user is not going to even think about scrolling horizontally, let alone have the dexterity after they consumed the bottle of wine they’re now trying to research online.

What’s with you techies and your improper mixing of technology and alcohol?

Also, if you stay on the website long enough your mouse will just start freaking out and get a contact high and not be able to stop horizontally scrolling.

What we learned about marketing and web design

Easy does it, cap’n. Web design is an art, sure, but no art can be appreciated when it’s nearly inaccessible. Get your basics – calls to action, highlightable text, no flash, easy navigation, appealing design, and then you can throw in some acid induced bear drawings.