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OK, it may seem like Instagram just swooped in and stole Snapchat’s thunder, and to be honest, it kinda did.
With Instagram Stories being released globally over the next few weeks, you will now be able to share 10 second video clips and photos in sequence as a story with your Instagram followers. You can also add the classic Instagram filters to the videos, of course, as well as add emoji’s, text, and free hand drawing. All stories, like Snapchat, self delete after 24 hours.


Pros of Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

Easier to find and follow accounts 
My biggest complaint with Snapchat was the inability to search for profiles or send people to a direct link. Instagram, while exclusively an app for mobile, still provides a profile URL that you can direct people to.Businesses on ig buy followers in the initial stage to get a jump start. You can search for users and you can search for interests by hashtag. Simply “follow” as opposed to “adding friends” makes Instagram’s platform easier to find and follow the accounts you want to. You can also buy cheap instagram likes.


Instagram stories screenshot
The new Instagram Stories from people you follow appear on the top of your home feed. The pink and yellow circle indicates a new story to view.
Reach your current Instagram followers 
If you haven’t been on Snapchat long, or just have a larger following on Instagram, you will be able to share stories with your followers immediately. For many this will already be a big win! It’s been a struggle for many businesses who wanted to use Snapchat as a way to share live stories throughout the day, but had trouble creating as large of a fan base on the Snapchat platform as Instagram.


Easy to use 
To view stories on Instagram, just go to your home feed and all the accounts you follow will appear on the top of your home feed. To add a story, simply select the plus sign in the upper left corner of the page. Creating videos and adding filters, text, and drawing are all very intuitive.


Number of users
While Snapchat is absolutely growing like crazy, Instagram still has way more users. As of June 2016, Snapchat has reported that they see about 150 million daily users on their platform.  While Instagram still clocks twice that number each day with about 300 million daily users. 

Cons of Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

No funny face filters or geo-targeted filters
I know, I know, is that really a con? I mean you CAN still use Snapchat, take a funny face photo, and then upload it to your Instagram story… so that’s not really a con… yet. But the geo-targeted filters can be pretty great. Events can create their own filters for a special day, like a wedding. Neighborhoods and businesses can also create these custom filters to allow people graphically show where they are when users are near by and creating a story.


Panda filter on Snapchat
Snapchat’s face filters are addictively awesome.
Analytics and Measurements  
On Snapchat you can see who has viewed your snaps or screenshotted them. (Screenshotted? Is that a word? I’m going with it. Screenshotted) And while you can see who has viewed your story on Instagram, you cannot at this time see who screenshotted it. However, with the release of the new Instagram for business, you now have access to (very limited) analytics data about your business account. I foresee more of this becoming available to Stories someday as well.


At this time, companies cannot sponsor stories like they can on Snapchat. But, c’mon… we all know that will change too.


Missing the Discover feature
One thing that I really love about Snapchat is the discover feature. I love seeing a feed from people all over sharing their snaps about the new Harry Potter book, or who are at the NBA finals, or at a big event nearby. These Discovery stores are such a fun way to feel a part of worldwide events in real time.


What do you think? Will you try out Instagram Stories for your business?

If you’ve used Snapchat in the past, is this tempting enough to make a switch?