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Interns…Here ye, here ye! There are some things you should know in order to succeed at any Marketing Company. No matter if you are paid or not here are 5 things you can do to separate yourself from the pack! (a little UW plug right there, GO DAWGS)

Consistency – 

Proving yourself to be a consistent piece in the puzzle. College students are thought of to be many things…lazy is one of the most prevalent attributes of today’s college students. If you want to stand out at your internship you have to prove that the stereotype doesn’t apply to you. Once you prove that – you’ll be worlds ahead of the rest. The tortoise vs. the hare is the classic consistency analogy. Also, show up on time please. Nothing says lazy and careless better than showing up late when you aren’t even an employee of the company yet.

Mobility –

You have to be willing to move around, but this applies to a lot of areas. Being willing to commute to the job is an important aspect because it shows that you are committed. If the business you work for is close to you…then that is just dandy! Don’t take that for granted. Your ability to do a variety of duties around the office (yes even the annoying things) will show that you value the opportunity to work more than you value your pride. Sweeping your ego under the rug is a great way of proving you should stay.

Diligence – 

Once a task is given to you (no matter what it is) you must put all of your energy and focus into completing that task. Okay maybe not ALL of your energy and focus…but enough to get the job done well. I don’t care who your manager is, a job well done in a timely manner will impress anyone.

Interest – 

If you aren’t interested in what the company you are interning is doing…than you probably shouldn’t have applied there. But for a second let’s talk theoretically for a moment. If you do apply to be at a company you don’t have any interest in, “fake it till you make it” as my mom would say. Make it seem like you enjoy what you’re doing, who knows someday you might even love what you do. If you don’t end up liking it then move on to the next one, but you won’t get in trouble for having a good attitude.

Quirk – 

Adding your personality into your job can take a little getting used to…especially if you are only at the intern for a short time. Try to get to a place where you can start to joke around with your fellow officemates. If you’re funny like me, add some humor to your internal reports. If you’re good looking like me, keep it up. If you’re smart like me, make that evident in everything you do. You get the point 😉 just draw attention to what your strengths are.